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Antibiotics are considered to be one of the most used medicines in the world today
However, their widespread use has led to the growth of antibiotic-resistant flora, which has become a serious problem
In addition, situations are quite widespread when patients stop taking prednisolone pills without evidence, which leads to chronicity of infectious processes

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In this regard, antibiotic treatment is often accompanied by the death of normal microflora with the development of dysbiosis
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herefore, it is recommended to start taking antibiotics only after consulting a specialist

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Many people trycure the disease without taking the prednisolone pills prescribed by the doctor. As a rule, this is due to prejudice. In rare situations, this leads to a more severe and prolonged cure for the disease, while in most cases, the process becomes chronic.
At the same time, the therapeutic effect of the tablets not only facilitates the course of the disease, but significantly shortens the recovery period after the disease. In order to increase the effectiveness of the action of the tablets, the following should be observed exactly: dose of the drug; the regularity and duration of its use; motor regime (bed, semi-bed and others).

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As a rule, all information about the correct intake of prednisolone pills is reflected in the instructions sold with the drug. In this regard, it should be studied before taking the drug.
Also, the correctness of taking the prednisolone pills in relation to food intake is of great importance.

So, the following options are distinguished: on an empty stomach (half an hour before breakfast); before meals (half an hour before meals); during meals (regardless of the amount of food); arbitrarily. Some patients, having missed the time of taking medications, double the dose during the next dose, which is an erroneous action. This is due to the fact that the likelihood of developing adverse reactions associated with toxic concentrations of the drug in the blood significantly increases.

In addition, if this becomes a habit, there are periods of time when the concentration of the drug is too low, due to which the desired therapeutic effect is not observed.

The composition of the tablets, in addition to the main active ingredient, also includes auxiliary elements, which include: thinners; binders; granulating agents (which promote gliding); leavening agents; sweeteners; flavors; dyes.